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Sarzana is a town in Liguria, on the border with Liguria in the middle of the valley of the Magra. All its territory is part of the Regional Natural Park of Monte Marcello Magra.

Sarzana is very famous for its beautiful old town full of both religious and civil structures and strongly characterized by daily life is very diverse and that diurnal appreciated.

Among the most famous religious monuments we mention the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Parish of St. Andrew. A civil level instead are very famous Teatro degli Fearless and palaces that overlook the Via Mazzini, the main street in the center of Sarzana.

Very impressive and famous is the Villa Carpena on Testaforte Tower and the palace Roderio which is also the seat of the Municipality.

Near the center of a small hill overlooking the Fort Sarzanello which shows a wonderful view of the valley below and can be visited by tourists.

Finally we must mention the Citadel or Fortress or Firmafede Sarzana, a real fortress in the heart of the historic center is composed of a main square in shape and is surrounded by walls and the main access important you by a stone bridge.

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